Eugene Hughes

Chief Executive

Eugene Hughes is the founder and Chief Exec of People Brands. As a highly experienced Strategist, Facilitator and Leadership Coach, Eugene helps individuals and organisations all around the world to unleash their full potential. Spanning the last 20 years, he has worked with many of the world’s leading organisations, including adidas, BBC, US Navy and Microsoft.

Eugene started his career as a Brand and Communications Strategist helping organisations to define their vision and values and turn them into a reality. Over the last 12 years, Eugene continued his training in facilitation and coaching. He has taken his work to a deeper level, leading award-winning Cultural Transformation and Leadership Development programs across the globe. He established People Brands in 2004 with the vision of putting people – their values, creativity and collaboration – at the heart of organisations’ strategies. Based on the belief that creativity is a powerful catalyst for both personal and organisational transformation, his work combines high levels of innovation, collaboration and learning.

As well as his work within the corporate sector, Eugene pursues special interests in using creativity, art and nature as powerful tools for transformation. He combines his leadership facilitation skills with his passion for nature, by guiding personal transformation programs in the wilderness. For example, most recently he guided programs in the Appalachian Mountains, US and the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

With funding from the UK Government, Eugene also etablished Artgym, a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to collaborate with local communities to bring creativity to deserving causes.